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The route map to being independent on the road with driving lessons with Daid Gabain in Basngstoke
 My Aim ; To get you to pass your test 1st time !
Method ; Each lesson will be tailored to meet your requirements with not only the subject matter, level of tuition required, but also the length of the lesson.
I offer professional and friendly driving lessons in and around the Basingstoke area. I understand each student is an individual and requires tuition to suit them.
Driving lessons £32.00 per hour. Discounts available for advance payments.
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Driving Instructors.
How to identify your type of driving instructor. ADI or PDI. You will find both giving driving lessons in BasingstokeFirstly all Driving Instructors are self employed. Just because they may represent a large driving school will not guarantee you will get a good driving instructor. There are only two types of Licensed Instructors. ADI's (Approved Driving Instructor). and PDI's (Provisional Driving Instructor.) The PDI has not passed their final exam and therefore are not fully qualified. Both Instructors must display their badges in the car window. Pink triangle for the PDI and green hexagon for the ADI. It is illegal for anyone to accept payment in any form for driving lessons unless they are an ADI or PDI.
Finding a driving instructor.
  • The best way is to ask friends and family who they used. Were they happy with them ?
  • A large Driving School ? For - If you are not happy with your Instructor you can contact the School and ask for a resolution. Against - Prices tend to be higher.
  • An Independent ? For - They have to rely on their reputation to attract new Students. Against - If you don't get on with them you will have to find another one.
  • Remember you are the customer. There are enough Driving Instructors and Driving Schools in Basingstoke to change to if you are not happy.
Practising with Friends and Relatives.
I always recommend if you can to practice what you have learnt with your Driving Instructor with family and friends. They must be at least 21 and have held a license for three years. You must also be insured to drive the car.
The more road experience you can get before your Driving Test the better prepared you will be for the big day.
To make best use of these opportunities, ask your driving instructor what you should practice, and where. Also, consider getting anyone who accompanies you to read the Official Guide to Accompanying L-Drivers.
Finally, if driving with a friend or relative, always ensure that you are insured to drive the car being used.
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