David Gabain - Professional and friendly Driving Instructor in Basingstoke.
Congratulations, you have passed your driving test. What now ? Pass Plus with David Gabain in BasingstokeCongratulations !
You can now enjoy the freedom of being mobile. No more relying on public transport or your parents !  But......now time for a BIG reality check. You have reached the BASIC MINIMUM STANDARD to be allowed to drive unaccompanied on the roads. No more driving instructor or parents watching over you. No more advice and help when driving. You are on your own ! I won't go into statistics of new driver accidents but do be aware you are very vulnerable and still have much to learn and experience. My advice ? Don't plan a trip to Scotland the day you pass. Drive regular short trips in daylight, good weather on roads you are familiar with. As your confidence improves plan longer trips. Regularly drive with an experienced driver beside you, especially in areas you don't know. Build your experience up before tackling major cities or long journeys.
There are organisations you can contact for Post Test Training and a Scheme called Pass Plus. In Hampshire the Council will pay £75.00 towards the Pass Plus course providing you fulfil certain criteria.
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Official DSA Pass Plus - Are you ready? (part 3 of 5)
The official DSA step-by-step guide to make sure you know what to expect from the Pass Plus scheme which will help you to become more confident on the roads.
Other Organisations.
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